Charlie’s first weekend

So this weekend we finally picked up Charlie! It feels like we’ve been waiting such a long time so we were so excited to bring him home.

It’s been an eventful 48 hours. After chatting to the breeder for a while we popped him in the car and he settled pretty well for his first car journey.

We introduced him to the house and played with him to get him used to us. I’m really surprised at how quickly he has taken to us, feeling really comfortable getting up on our laps for a cuddle within 20 minutes of getting him home. We’ve spent the weekend just trying to get him used to us and the house. He’s only just had his second round of vaccinations which means we can’t take him out where other dogs may have been for a week, so we’re house (and garden) bound until then.

Unfortunately the weather has just turned really cold, so although he was used to going outside for the toilet I think he was a bit scared of how cold it is! He’s had a couple of accidents in the house but on the whole he has been pretty good and going outside!

His first night he was really good, we popped him in the kitchen and didn’t hear anything from him all night. Our breeder hadn’t been letting him out in the night which meant we didn’t need to, which I’m really glad about as I wasn’t looking forward to getting up in the night!

Last night he started crying a bit when I put him to bed and closed the door. But I tried my hardest to ignore him. Puppy cries are heartbreaking! He quietened down and was fine when I went down this morning.

I think he is settling in well. I can’t believe how much I’m in love with him already! He’s got such a personality and he’s a gorgeous playful little puppy, I can’t stop taking pictures of him!

He seems to have taken a bit of a fancy to he footstool in our lounge which is a small beanbag and is his favourite spot for posing!



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