Puppy Playgroup

The past few days with Charlie have been interesting! He has definitely built his confidence up and has been testing the boundaries on what he can chew.

He has found lots of little stones in the flower bed in the garden which he thinks are great fun to get in his mouth… Much to my panic! I’m so worried he is going to choke on one so as soon as he starts going for those I bring him in.

The first few days of having a puppy are pretty tiring, I’m supposed to be relaxing but I’m knackered! I’ve been on my own with him as Kristian has been away but he got back yesterday which has been a great relief. I feel like the other member of the team is back so I don’t need to worry about him all the time!

I registered Charlie at the vets yesterday and they do a puppy playgroup where you can take a puppy even if his vaccinations mean he isn’t allowed out in public places yet. I thought this was a great idea as I feel like Charlie is starting to get a little bit bored just in our house and garden. There are other vets a bit nearer to us but I really liked this one and the puppy playgroup idea so decided to go with it! They had a slot yesterday evening so we took Charlie for his first car ride in the crate.

He was pretty whiny on the way there which I’m not surprised about as the crate was rattling a lot! When we got there and took him out he was so scared and timid, the confidence he seemed to have built up was completely gone! The nurse did a quick check over and weighed him, he’s spot on so that’s good!

At the playgroup session there were 4 other puppies, a staffie, a lab, a tiny chihuahua and another cocker, Mylo. Mylo is a show cocker and looks so much different to Charlie! The class is led by one of the nurses and is every Wednesday evening for 4 weeks. We took it in turns to put the puppies on the floor to see how they interacted with each other. Charlie was quite shy and scared, bless him! He came out of his shell a little bit towards the end though.

The class was great as we were taught lots of things to do with them in the first few weeks. There is so much you can read, but actually having someone there showing you is so different and really works for me. One of the things the nurse showed us was about recall when you call their name. Charlie was the only one who came straight away when called which made me super proud of him! It also makes you realise the good things you are doing. It can be so easy to get down on yourself when he has toilet accidents inside, or nips your hand that you don’t realise the good things! We’ve only had him 4 days now and he always comes when you call his name.

Charlie was exhausted by the time we got home so was a lovely cuddly sleepy puppy for the evening. We’re really looking forward to going again next week!

We’ve got another trip to the vets tomorrow for a proper check, just to make sure all is ok. This is a free service provided by our vet once a month until he is 6 months which is great.

Tomorrow also marks the day that Charlie’s vaccinations should all be working, so we can finally take him out. We’ve got a list of different places and environments to take him from the puppy class, one of which is the pub so I’m sure we can tick that one off asap!

Today we’re going to do some lead training to get ready for his first walk tomorrow, should be fun!

Hopefully I’ll be able to take a few more pictures now that Kristian is back. At the moment I can only really take then when Charlie is sleeping as he would quite like to add my phone to his chew toy collection!

image image image image


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