Charlie at 4 months

It’s been a little while since I’ve written an update, we’ve had so much going over the past month I’ve not had any time. We’ve been all over the place for Christmas and New Year followed by a week skiing!

Charlie was spoilt at Christmas, with lots of people buying him toys and treats. Unfortunately he had been quite poorly in December, so he hasn’t been able to have any of his treats yet, but he’s got them all waiting for him! I’ll write another post and go into a bit more detail on his illness as it may help some other people out!

Charlie seems to be growing so quickly, he was weighed on Monday and is now 8.3kg! I think he was about 5kg at 10 weeks when he first joined us.

The first week in January we went on holiday so Charlie went to stay with my mother in law for the week. I missed him loads, actually a lot more than I thought I would! He seemed to have had a good time though, and spoilt with attention.

I’ve spent this week trying to get him back into a routine, so at the moment we get up have breakfast then get ready to go out for a walk. We’ve discovered a woods only about 5 minutes away in the car, so we’ve made it our morning routine to go exploring around there. It’s great as I can let Charlie off the lead and he doesn’t go too far but gets plenty of exercise. There are also lots of other dog walkers there so he gets a lot of socialisation. He is a really nice natured puppy and isn’t aggressive or scared with other dogs which is great to see.

Charlie also had his first experience of snow last night/this morning, he likes to eat the ice from the grass!

I’ll be updating more regularly now we are at home and back in a routine! Here are a few pictures from the past month:













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