The chewing stage!

Charlie has always been a chewer, I think it is the nature of his breed, but currently he looks like he needs to chew more than ever. He is 4.5 months so prime age for teething I believe. He has a few toys and Nylabone chews, most of which he has semi-destroyed. He has been really chewing all of his toys, including those that are not meant for chewing, and he has recently been going for my slippers every time I wear them, which means I constantly have cold feet!

So today I headed to our local pet shop to have a look at some more chew toys and I picked up quite a variety. Charlie had the Nylabone puppy starter set when we first got him and the bacon flavoured chew was his favourite, but he chewed it so much I had to throw it it out. So I got another set of Nylabone chews. I thought they were similar but having just got them out of the packet I’m not sure if they are the same texture. I tend to put these in the freezer as I think the cold is good for Charlie’s teething gums.

Charlie has a tennis ball on a string which he likes to play with, although he has been chewing that and getting all the fur off it, so I found a rubber ball on a string which I thought he might like. I also got a rubber toy with fabric bits to vary the textures.

Chewable dog toys

I also got Charlie some edible chews, although you do have to check on all of them as some are not suitable for puppies. The ones I got are suitable for puppies over 4 months. I gave him one of the beef flavoured bones and it has kept him occupied for hours, although there isn’t much of it left now I’ll definitely be getting these again. They are great to keep him occupied while I am working in the day.

Edible chews for dogs

I couldn’t resist one soft toy, as last night he pulled a leg off his monkey toy. I picked up this long cow, which has different squeakers inside, as well as a crinkly texture and noise in the middle, it’s quite hard to describe but Charlie likes it!

Lazy Moo soft dog toy

It’s safe to say Charlie’s toys and treats bags are getting full! I love these bags so had to share – they were a Christmas present from my mother in law, and personalised from Not On The High Street.

Personalised pet bags

Do you have a dog that needs to chew a lot? If so can you recommend any particular toys or treats to keep them away from the slippers?! As always, any advice is much appreciated!


One thought on “The chewing stage!

  1. I can’t get over how adorable he is 🙂

    We have found all our pups love antlers, I think you can soak them in chicken broth to make them more enticing too, but check up on this first! Once the antler has been chewed a good amount you can smear peanut butter, wet dog food etc in the hollow gnawed end bits! Antlers are pretty similar to nylabones, they last a long time although probably not quite as long. Certain brands / types of antler seem to last longer than others, too. For example we had one that Zoey chewed down in a few days, whereas several we have at the moment are almost full length despite the fact we’ve had them since October and have had 2-3 dogs gnawing them daily.

    Tasty Bones also do nylabone chews; these held up reeeaaally well and our dogs loved them. We had one of these but you can get huge ones too:

    You can also stuff a Kong (peanut butter, wet food, cooked vegetables, soft cheese etc etc) and then freeze it. This means it lasts longer and the cold should help soothe those gums!

    Oh I almost forgot – the toys with crinkles in are Raiden’s favourite too!! He’s had one for about 4 months now and all the crinkle has gone hahaha 🙂


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