7 things I’ve learnt since becoming a dog owner

We’ve had Charlie for just over 3 months now. Neither me or my husband had ever owned a dog before, so didn’t really know what we were letting ourselves in for, so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learnt since Charlie joined us!

1. Having a puppy is not all cute cuddles – it’s hard work! You’ve got to have eyes on them at all times to make sure they’re not stealing, chewing something they shouldn’t, toileting inside…

2. A puppy (maybe it’s a cocker spaniel thing) is like an actual shadow. I seriously can’t go anywhere without Charlie following. He sleeps with one eye open so if I move an inch he’s awake and following me to the loo…


3. Puppies like to steal things. It doesn’t matter how many toys you give them, your shoes and socks are much more interesting.


4. They will eat ANYTHING. Stones are horse poo are favourites for Charlie, but he will pick up anything he can with his mouth.

5. It’s really difficult not to give in to those puppy dog eyes.

Working Cocker Spaniel puppy at 5 months

6. I actually love walking in the countryside everyday, come rain or shine. I’d seriously miss it if I couldn’t walk Charlie every day. It’s also a great reason to explore the local area. We’ve only lived in Norfolk for a year and a half but hadn’t really explored anywhere, now I’m always looking for a new place to take Charlie.


7. Our house must have been so quiet pre-Charlie. If he wasn’t here it would feel so empty. Getting up in the morning, or coming home to the wiggliest puppy because he is so excited to see you, is the best welcome you could ask for. Pets really do make a home feel more alive!


What is your favourite, or most unexpected, thing about your pets?


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