Update: Charlie at 10 months

So I haven’t posted on this blog in so long – over 2 months in fact! I’m sorry for lack of any kind of update for ages, life just seems to have got in the way a little bit.

Here’s what’s been happening in a nutshell:

We were away pretty much all of May on holiday (lucky us!) so Charlie had his first extended period of time away from me. We found the perfect place around 20 minutes away from where we live, and we dropped him off on the way to the airport. It’s called Paws Doggy Day Care. It’s basically a purpose built doggy day car centre, with huge fields and indoor areas. It’s fantastic and they have lots of dogs in the day care, so perfect for Charlie who just loves to play! Each dog has to go for an assessment in advance, to make sure they will get along with others. The owners Eric and Lisa live on site, so they also offer a home boarding option for overnight. So Charlie got to play in the day care all day, then go into a home for the evening. I couldn’t recommend this place enough, Charlie has even been back for an overnight stay since, and couldn’t wait to get in once he got there!

I missed him a lot when we were away. He is my little buddy and by my side pretty much all day every day, so it was very strange not having him there. I think I missed him more than he missed me, he was having too much fun playing! Lisa sent me photos every few days too which was a really nice touch.

About a week after we got back from our holiday, Charlie was booked in for his neutering. The vets warned me that he would probably be tired and sleepy after the anaesthetic, so I was prepared for him not to be his usual bouncy self. Well, it didn’t seem to have any effect on him at all as he was just the same as normal when I picked him! Literally, no change at all… He also wasn’t allowed off lead walks, or any crazy activity for 10 days after the op…. someone try telling Charlie that! He was running and jumping all over the place, probably made worse by the fact he wasn’t getting his usual run around in the morning. Luckily when I took him for his final check up his wound had healed perfectly, so he hadn’t done any damage to it jumping up and over the back of the sofa!! I was expecting him to have to wear a cone after the operation, but he didn’t which was great.

The vets did give us a ‘t-shirt’ (which looks more like a babygro with poppers on the bum) for us to put on him if he started to lick his wound, but this was the week we actually had summer weather, so it was a bit hot for him. It looked cute though! It was a funny time, as I had to un-pop it and roll it up so he could go for a wee (there was no hole for his manhood!).

Working Cocker Spaniel Puppy

In the past month it’s been business as usual, daily walks around his favourite woods, lots of work (for me) while Charlie sleeps on my feet, and a couple of trips to London and York.

We also went to a local dog show, for a walk around more than anything. I wasn’t planning on entering Charlie into any of the classes, but he ended up winning cutest puppy! I tried, but unfortunately couldn’t get him sit still with his rosette without him wanting to eat it.

Here are some more pictures from the last couple of months. I think Charlie has changed a little bit, but I don’t think he has grown too much. He know weighs around 13kg and has done for the past few months so I don’t know if he will grow much more?

Sorry again for the long absence, I promise I won’t leave it so long next time!

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